Thursday, December 4, 2008

Make A Wish!!!

Pictures are already part of our lives. We carry pictures in our wallet, find pictures in the house and everywhere you go, you can find pictures.

Imagine you without taking any picture of your friends and family. Can you remember those memories you had with them? If you are working in other countries, can you leave without taking a picture or keeping a picture with you and your family? I guess not. What can we do about this? Shall I make a wish for each and every one of us?

I know this sounds funny but who knows, someone might make that wish come true, right? Let me share to you my wonderful and magical experience.

I was surfing the net looking for beautiful pictures that would make me smile and I stumbled this site called The site is attractive because of the picture clip with Santa Claus introducing the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame. Watching the movie clip was so funny! Try watching it! CEIVA is really different from other Digital Photo Frames because it will make your picture looks real! Just upload your photo and send it all around the world!

Hey! You should also experience the Sit on Santa's Lap! Anyway, there are having a contest too. There will be winners that will be chosen one for each day of the contest with a cash prize of $500! Amazing! Just visit Got a Wish Sweeepstakes and Who knows you will be the lucky winner!