Saturday, December 6, 2008

The lost virtue: RESPECT

RESPECT. It's something we claim we have. Ever since the history of our conutry started, we have had this virtue all along. Since birth, we are taught to show respect to our parents, respect for elders, respect to our teachers, and yes, respect to those who we meet along the road. Indeed, it's one of the virtues embedded into our very beings, part of our inner core.

But consider this, as technological advancements heightened and the millennium came the virtue that once a great part of us has been forgotten with time. It dwindled to a great extent as to being lost and washed upon the shores of new beginnings. Why? Because in this present time, we are all in the hapit of rushing and doing a lot of things at a time. We seldom stop and take the time to evaluate if we are doing the right thing. We are caught up in our own web of troubles, not minding our actions and values.

Everywhere we turn, there are evidences of this. Children talking back to their parents, siblings fighting incessantly, students crossing their boundaries to their teachers. The list could go on and on. But are we really aware of all these going on? Or are we blindly doing the same things? (by Lopez)