Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mark's 20th B'day

Last night, we were celebrating Mark's birthday [my bestfriend]. It was held at Paitan, Dalipuga Iligan City [their hometown]. His relatives, friends, and family were gathered to celebrate his 20th birthday. The event was started with a prayer, then, of course followed by singing happy birthday!

There were many foods served, like, spaghetti, [red ribbon] cake, ice cream, all kinds of cooking in chicken, and etc. Grr..Unfortunately, I didn't eat all the cookings that her sister made coz my appetite was not good. But anyway, I enjoyed eating the fruit salad. It was so delicioussssso!!

After the socializing effect (hahaha), my energy had gone out that prompted me to sleep there for 2 hours! Gosh* When I woke up it was already 10 in the evening. It was late already, so I gave Mark a kiss goodbye!

BELATED Happy Birthday Mark!


Tey said...

Just extend my greeting to your bestfriend. Thanks for the visit and have a great day
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