Saturday, July 19, 2008

One night...

Disturbances in Metabolism concept is fast approaching. So, top2x and I decided to go out with Mark in the centennial park at the same time celebrating her 19th Birthday!. We spent our night there doing funny things. Look at the picture on the left, mark is happy with the food but I'm not. Only lanchon meat and another lanchon meat. Good thing Del monte juice was there!

After we ate our dinner, we drunk tequila. Sorry, I haven't took a picture of it since I know our parents will be mad at us!

Mark entertained me and top2x with his silly dancing thingy [note: he's not drunk]. I really love mark when his starting to do goofy stuffs! It really makes me laugh upto heavens. That photo on the right is one of his dancing steps. He looks like a poor ballet dancer with his orange clothes! Mark was really funny during his dance here.

When Mark was tired of dancing. We just lay down in the grass and watch the stars, moon and beautiful sky that God created. What a relaxing night it was. Muah love you mark and top2x.


beevee said...

i wanna have nights like this too. just hanging out in the park and having fun! :)

btw, thanks for the visit. i already added u to my links.

happy weekend! :)

juler said...

One night masarap kumain na nakakamay... nagutom naman daw ako nito... hehehe

Good day..