Saturday, June 14, 2008

Trip to Ozamis!

Our air conditioned got broken and we need to buy a motor for it. Unfortunately, the motor is not available in Iligan City. You have to travel from here to Ozamis to buy the specific type of motor that we need. So my sister has decided that we gotta go there coz she cannot stand the hotness in our living room. (It's not that hot for me.) I was having second thoughts if I will go coz I know it will be tiring but hey!Good thing I was there with them. I did enjoy riding the barge with my nephews (but not the travel by truck). I was enjoying watching the sea and the view of the mountains. As soon as we arrived in Ozamis City we directly went to sharp company and bought the motor that we need... While we were travelling aroud the city... the place quite a mess and unorganized. I was expecting a clean and organize place but it wasn't. But anyway, I enjoy the trip because we went shopping! We bought some stuffs like ball, boxing gloves, ring, and etc. We also stop by a restaurant and eat our dinner... then we go home straight... It was around 9pm when we got home. I was exhausted and directly went to bed and slept like a baby.