Sunday, June 29, 2008

At Home

When I'm at home, there's nothing much to do. I only turn my computer on and check my blog. Do the hopping thing and read some entries in other blogs. Well, I don't do house hold chores now, coz my sister hired a two helpers here. They do all the stuffs at home, which makes my life more boring. Good thing my nephews are there who makes the house jolly and noisy. Usually my nephews and I do little picture taking if there's nothing to do. We enjoy looking our funny faces at the camera and make goofy poist. Here are some pics we took at home:

Meet Shan Kyle, my 5 year old nephew. A very intelligent kid. Currently studying at MSU-IIT Coop Academy. He loves animals and insects like, grasshopper, ants, dogs, cats, butterflies, snails, frog, bugs and etc. I think he will be a zoologist someday. Shan Kyle is such a good boy. He obeys everything tita say...

Here is Justin, younger brother of Shan Kyle. This little boy here is quite annoying. A cry baby,always telling her mom "Mom they hurt me" even if we didn't do something bad to him. But his a loving boy, he loves younger kids, especially babies. I don't know what's his interest is. All I know, he loves to play computer games.

This is our baby Ezekiel. A very talkative baby... always bubbling around. Trying hard to be a grown up kid who knows how to talk. (Laughs) Oneday this baby will read all of that books in the pic! Go ezekiel be a smart boy like your Dad.

Other pictures: Nothing to do at home.