Friday, November 7, 2008

STOP! Don't go there!

Have you ever been to a place that really made you pissed off? A travel maybe or just in your local place that made you disappointed? I have so many experiences about these but the first thing that I remember is when I was in a particular restaurant in Iligan City.

It was on August 21,2008 where my classmate and I decided to eat in a small restaurant. Even though the restaurant was small, they had a good place. We thought that the waiter will be the one getting our orders... so, we looked at the waiter hoping for him to come at the table. But hell no, he didn't. So, my classmate went to the counter and ordered. So, after the little chit-chat and all the stuff, we were surprised of the bill we received because it was really too big. As far as I remember I think the price was times two. We asked the waiter why our bill was that big. And you know what he replied? He said "Well, that's the way it is".How stupid he was to say those words. What a gross act it was. That person made us really mad. Grrr..

I suggest that you don't eat in small restaurants who have no good crews. Who have no good service. They can make you kill a person. So, better don't go there! Anyway, there are lots of places that we should not visit. You may visit to know the different kinds of places that we should not visit. Read their personal experiences on the particular place that they have been. And hey! Check out there new book that will be released soon. You will learn about what particular place you should not go.