Monday, November 24, 2008

Flat Belly Diet : Lose Weight!

My sister's belly has been a headache for years. No matter how she go on dieting and exercising, her belly remains the same. I don't know why it won't work too. She eats one cup of rice every meal but no effect. She do exercise but it only gives aches on her body. Actually, my sister is insecure about her body. She's not the same with us (my other sister and I) who have a slim body. I don't know the reason behind that! Anyway, I've heard about this Flat Belly Diet.


Flat Belly Diet was created for people [including my sister] who tried everything to make their belly flat but did not make any changes. This type of diet is a science-based solution that combines a cutting-edge nutrition plan with expert tips and advice. The Flat Belly Diet was developed by the editor of Prevention Magazine and is centered around new research that discovered that eating healthy fats (Monounsaturated Fatty Acids or MUFAs) each meal specifically targets belly fat. It is said that belly fat is dangerous fat because of its high correlation with heart problems.

MUFAs are pro-heart foods. It fights diseases that is found in good foods like almonds, avocado, olive oil, peanut butter and chocolates. MUFAs will actually help my sister lose weight! I'll better tell her about this Flat Belly Diet so that she'll have a SEXY BODY too.