Monday, September 15, 2008

Operating Room Duty

Just this morning, I had my duty in operating room at Mindanao Sanitarium Hospital. I thought monday would be a boring day at OR but I was because there's one patient who will undergo Cesarian Section. It was her 3 times CS already. All her babies were delivered in CS.

... I went to scrub section to get my self cleaned. I gowned myself and the doctors... I prepared the Mayo table and fix everything that needs to be fixed. Minutes after, all the personnel and the doctors where ready to perform the CS... The doctor incised the lower abdomen using the blade... another blade was used to incised the tissue...then I saw the one that covers the baby... they tear it and I saw the baby with a feces all over..."Meconium stage" they called. The baby smells dirt! Hehehe... NICU personnel suctioned the baby and then the little girl cried...

It was so nice to see the baby girl... Hmmm... That newborn baby will now experience the life in this world! ^_^ Well, Gotta go now! Sayonara!