Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dad is getting better!

It was July 3o,2008 around 1 o'clock in the morning. Everything was okay, everybody was sleeping peacefully but suddenly dad called our names. It was ode because the voice of my Dad changed. It was like a murmur... we could barely understand. All of us went to the room of my dad hastily... to our surprise, my dad was in the floor... he could not stand, we could not understand every word he said... Me, a nursing student concluded that my dad was having his attack during that morning. He had a left sided paralysis (Stroke).

We rushed our dad to the hospital... and yes indeed the medical impression was STROKE. He stayed at the hospital for seven days... Nasogastric tube, O2 inhalation was attached to him. He could not eat by himself, a tube is needed. After seven days of confinement... the doctor decided to discharge my Dad from the hospital since his Blood pressure is already stable.

We were happy that dad was brought back at home. He was still weak but improvements were present... months later... my dad's progress is becoming fast...he can eat by himself, can move his feet very little and his interests is going back slowly...

This month, my dad can walk with the use of a walker... he can move his toes actively. He watched TV and listens to music. He interact with us and give us a smile. We are really thankful that Dad is getting better. We hope that he will be okay soon...