Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Pacquiao in Hinaplanon!


Meet the famous Justin in town! Lol* Justin is now ready to knock you down! This strong little boy is our new pacquiao in the ring. He fights, he punches everyone who challenge him in the yard.

This 5 year-old boy is so brave, he even challenged my uncle at the yard (Hahaha, silly). He punches my uncle's tummy. Show them what you got Justin. Show em' your enormous fists. Let them know how strong that "kamao" of yours!

Are you ready to rumble? In the red corner, Justin Loftus, 25 kg!!! (Applause*Yells* Justin, justin, justin.) Hahahhaha.... knock em' down! Brutalized them! You're down! 1... 2... (the referee starts counting) 3...4...5...6... 7... 8... (still counting) 9... 10.... knock down! (Shouting!)

The new WBC Super PAPER weight champion of the world! JUSTIN 'SKELETON' LOFTUS! (hahahhaha)


Josh of Arabia said...

this is cute. sure ill ad up!..thanks for the visit..

see u around :)