Monday, July 14, 2008

Miss Universe 2008

The 22-year old, Miss venezuela won the Miss Universe 2008 pageant marked by the unexpected falling down of Miss USA during the evening gown. Dayana Mendoza (Miss Venezuela), answered the question and answer portion nicely. I think, that was a big points for her. Congratulations.

During the selection of top 10, I also got stunned by Miss Colombia (photo at the right). You can see her walking confidently, smiling lively. And I thought Miss Colombia would win. But their was a twist during the question-answer portion. The question that she got was so common. And I already anticipated what her answer would be... and I was right! *hehehe...

I would like to comment on Miss Universe 2007. I wonder why she was not in her gown. I was shocked when I saw her wearing the "toxedo-like" dress. Hmmm... maybe she was not ready? or she got other stuffs to do? I really wonder why. She was supposed to wear gown with her crown and go around the stage.


Tey said...

Didn't watch the whole pageant, but I really think she is very pretty.
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