Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Love Sunset

I love sunset. I am a person who likes to spend time by just watching the sun down. I enjoy looking at the uniqueness of how the color of the sky changes, from blue to yellow orange to dark. It makes me feel at ease especially when I'm in pain... sunset heals it all.

I have this friend who likes to watch sunset with me. He always invite me to a place where we can viividly see the sun setting down. Like, beaches or parks. When we're together?!!! Oh-huh we don't say a word while watching it. We just watched it with satisfaction in our hearts.

... We love sunset

Sunset is one of God's Creation that is meant to fill our emptiness and remind us that God is there trying to make us feel better and secure!


Josh of Arabia said...

u captured and say it right, this is something many fails to spectate!

my regards,

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