Thursday, April 30, 2009


In my very own nature I love the sunset! Sunset for me symbolizes that the day is over and its time to start a new day! a new beginning... I took this photo at Polynna Beach. I was just walking in the shore and got this nice photo. Sometimes, its good to see the nature all by yourself coz you can appreciate the beauty and it feels like God is there filling your emptiness and it seems like God is hugging you through the wind.

I know some of us don't have time to admire the things that God created. Some of us forgot that God created these and that coz we are so busy doing our own thing . Busy of working , studying , and etc. Why not go out? I mean not go on bar hopping or some night outs but go out and see the things that God created. God created these things in the world (Sea, Falls, Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, Moon, Sunset and etc.) so that we will be reminded that God is mighty and also, this is created for us to enjoy.